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[Arma2] co10 - JgBtl 292: Guardian
BoooneDate: Wednesday, 2014-02-05, 15:25 | Message # 1
Group: Lieutenant
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General Information
Date: Saturday, 2014-02-15 (15 February 2014)
Tech-Check (TS3): 1745 UTC
Start of the event: 1845 UTC
Start of the mission: 1900 UTC
Expected duration: up to 4 hours

Players with server access; sign-up required.


Requirements to join
Working equipment, TS3 and Arma2 set up to play on our server.
Required Mods (through SIX):
• @JayArma2Lib
• @BWMod + @BWMod_ACE

See http://ast.ucoz.org/forum/15-721-1 for installation instructions. Note that if you try to simply connect to our server through Play withSIX you will be downloading all mods that are on the server - that means a lot more mods than necessary for the event. To save time, you should set up a seperate mod collection for this event, only containing the actual requirements.

AST|Tactical Server

War in Pakistan. The terrorist group al-Qaeda are operating in northern Pakistan, specifically the FATA. Only using special forces at the start of the war in 2008, the USA now have continually faced stronger and harsher resistance from al-Qaeda and their allies, the Pakistani Taliban. In response to this a UN resolution was passed in early 2009, allowing NATO to enter the country in aid of the Pakistani government with conventional troops - specifically the German-French Brigade, a coalition force of France and Germany and the 10th Mountain Division. The UK and Australia vowed to send in troops through the course of late 2009 as well.

List of Slots (how to sign up)
Jäger Squad
#1 Squad Leader (AG36)
#2 Squad 2nd-in-Command (G36)
#3 Automatic Rifleman (MG4)
#4 Automatic Rifleman (MG4)
#5 Grenadier (AG36)
#6 Anti-Tank Rifleman (G36; PzF 3)
#7 Combat First Responder (G36)
#8 Rifleman (G36)

Fuchs (armed with MG3) Crew
#9 Gunner (G36)
#10 Driver (G36)

BoooneDate: Sunday, 2014-02-16, 21:03 | Message # 21
Group: Lieutenant
Messages: 849
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Yeah, I liked it very much as well. I hope the sequel settled for next week will achieve similar results. wink

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