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By Booone, on 2014-07-01
After GameSpy shut down their master servers, Bohemia Interactive has integrated the Steam server browser into ArmA 2. The latest update which includes this change (version 1. ... Read more »
By Raptor, on 2014-06-21
For his activity both in-game and in the forum, and in particular for his high efforts to learn and practice new things during training sessions, Jack was promoted to Speciali ... Read more »
By Raptor, on 2014-06-15
First of all, I’m happy to announce that Tim was promoted to Corporal for his continuous activity, his in-game skills and his contribution to our team. Unfortunately, TheIceMa ... Read more »
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We are always searching for friendly, mature and tactical-minded players who want to reinforce our team. You might have noticed that we welcome non-members in-game and at our website, but only AST members get certain privileges like personal trainings, admin permissions, access to internal gaming events, etc. Furthermore every member has a say in internal decisions and can thus influence how we use our resources, how and what we play and what our team becomes in the future. While guests and friends are often welcome to take part in our activities, members have the opportunity to actively organize those activities and thus realize great projects with the support of a trusted family.

For those who do not wish to join the team, but want to remain close to it, check out our Ally program.

How to Apply

  1. Be sure that we are the right team for you! Play with us, browse our website, check our forum. In particular you should be familiar with our Philosophy, our Rules and Rank structure. In case you have any question, feel free to ask us.

  2. So you are sure that you want to become part of our team? Then we recommend that you read our Application and Trialmember Guidelines to understand what we expect from new members. We have a quite rigorous basic training program that everyone must pass in order to become a permanent member. Think about if you will have the necessary time. We know and understand that unexpected events may limit your free time. But please don’t make an application and tell us 2 weeks later that your school started and you can’t play more than 10 minutes per week anymore.

  3. Now you know what we expect from new members, and you still want to join us? Then go ahead and write your application. Either create a new thread with your nickname as title and no description in our Application Forum. Or, in case you don’t want that all this information about you becomes public, send your application as private message to a CO. In any case your application text should provide the following information (underlined parts are mandatory for a valid application).

    1. About you:
      • ingame nickname
      • steam profile
      • date of birth
      • location and timezone (UTC)
      • times available for playing (UTC)
      • real name
    2. Your experience:
      • realistic, tactical, team-based games you played
      • rough time you have played the games
      • former gaming clans/teams
    3. Your relation to our team:
      • how you found out about us
      • how much do you know about our tactics
      • time you have known us
      • members you have played with
    4. Your motivation:
      • why do you want to join our ranks?
      • what are your expectations?
      • why should we accept you?
    5. Your training:
      • game you want to complete your basic trainings and tryout in
      • desired personal instructor
      • anything else you want to tell us