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By Booone, on 2014-07-01
After GameSpy shut down their master servers, Bohemia Interactive has integrated the Steam server browser into ArmA 2. The latest update which includes this change (version 1. ... Read more »
By Raptor, on 2014-06-21
For his activity both in-game and in the forum, and in particular for his high efforts to learn and practice new things during training sessions, Jack was promoted to Speciali ... Read more »
By Raptor, on 2014-06-15
First of all, I’m happy to announce that Tim was promoted to Corporal for his continuous activity, his in-game skills and his contribution to our team. Unfortunately, TheIceMa ... Read more »
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Our team is a gaming community and the following pages show you where, what and with whom we usually play.

  • Servers Page: Here you can find a list of all current AST servers including certain details like number of slots or installed mods.
  • Squad pages: Our team plays a variety of tactical games and here you find a lot of information relating to the single games, e.g. how exactly we play and who the responsible Squad Leader is.
  • Other Teams: We are not the only tactical gaming community around. Here you can find short descriptions and links to other teams and clans.
  • Gaming Chronology: In the past our team played various games up to different extends. Here you can see a full list.