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By Booone, on 2014-07-01
After GameSpy shut down their master servers, Bohemia Interactive has integrated the Steam server browser into ArmA 2. The latest update which includes this change (version 1. ... Read more »
By Raptor, on 2014-06-21
For his activity both in-game and in the forum, and in particular for his high efforts to learn and practice new things during training sessions, Jack was promoted to Speciali ... Read more »
By Raptor, on 2014-06-15
First of all, I’m happy to announce that Tim was promoted to Corporal for his continuous activity, his in-game skills and his contribution to our team. Unfortunately, TheIceMa ... Read more »
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Tactical Documents are the written armory of our team. They provide the theoretical base for our gameplay. Their goal is to achieve a common sense concerning tactical issues throughout the whole team, and to document this for any newcomers and other players.
We try to ensure a high quality for the release version of every tactical document. But nevertheless we also seek to improve our tactics whenever possible. Therefore our tactics and consequently tactical documents are subject to change. If you want to participate in this improvement, feel free to do so in our Forums.


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