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By Booone, on 2014-07-01
After GameSpy shut down their master servers, Bohemia Interactive has integrated the Steam server browser into ArmA 2. The latest update which includes this change (version 1. ... Read more »
By Raptor, on 2014-06-21
For his activity both in-game and in the forum, and in particular for his high efforts to learn and practice new things during training sessions, Jack was promoted to Speciali ... Read more »
By Raptor, on 2014-06-15
First of all, I’m happy to announce that Tim was promoted to Corporal for his continuous activity, his in-game skills and his contribution to our team. Unfortunately, TheIceMa ... Read more »
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Gaming Chronology

In the past our team played various games up to different extends. Here you can see a full list. Squad which are still active are marked with bold text.

Swat 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate

2012-11-03 Test Squad founded
2012-11-25 Regular State acknowledged
2014-06-08 Reserve State acknowledged

Swat 4 was the game where the founders of this team met. AST played it since 2011, long before we started to support multiple games.

Armed Assault 2: Combined Operations

2012-11-18 Test Squad founded
2013-06-18 Regular State acknowledged

Arma 2 was the second game that we integrated into our team.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

2012-11-25 Test Squad founded
2013-05-12 Squad closed

RvS fits the philosophy of our team pretty well. Unfortunately it’s quite old and not enough members were actively playing it; hence we had to quit our efforts there.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

2013-01-12 Test Squad founded
2013-04-03 Squad closed

After a test period we decided that this game doesn’t fit our philosophy 100%. Moreover we did not have enough members who played it actively.

Hidden and Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron

2013-01-16 Test Squad founded
2013-03-30 Squad closed

Another old game which is fun to play but was too hard to revive for our small team.

TakeDown: Red Sabre

2013-09-01 Test Squad founded
2014-03-16 Squad closed

Our team had high hopes concerning TD already during its development. Unfortunately the final game had, even after several patches, not the necessary quality for realistic gameplay.

Armed Assault 3

2014-02-22 Test Squad founded

Considering our success in Arma 2 it’s an obvious consequence that we integrate the successor Arma 3 into our team as well.