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[Arma2] co09 - Unconventional

By Booone, on 2023-02-06
Time and Date: Saturday, 20.07.13, 1800 UTC

Civil war is still raging in Takistan, even after the rule of the Takistani Army (TKA) has been abolished in most areas. NATO and UN forces are still present in the area to maintain peace and counter any actions by the remains of the TKA. As a last resort, facing their loss of control over Takistan, the TKA is supplying smaller townships with weapons and ammunition and arming those, who are still loyal to the TKA.

Several armed men have been spotted in Nagara and some of the villages around it. We assume that the TKA has managed to smuggle a considerable amount of firearms there and managed to recruit some of the local population into their militia.

They probably already know we will not only keep watching this development. Expect any unconventional weaponry and be cautious around the civilian population, there may very well still be sympathizers of the TKA among them.

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