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Council Decisions

By Raptor, on 2023-02-06
During the last team council we made several decisions which I would like to announce here:

First of all we accepted Auld as new Recruit in Arma2. Moreover Tim finished his basic training and was promoted to Private. And on top of that our old friend and founder of our team Herbie returned, after long inactivity, to active duty as Corporal. Welcome and welcome back guys :)

Furthermore we founded an Arma3 Test Squad with Booone as Squad Leader and Raptor as Chief Assistant. We will need some time to build up the necessary internal structure, set up a server, create a mod-set, etc. Nevertheless we hope for some fun and interesting operations soon, and some new Recruits further down the road.

Last but not least we released a new internal document which clarifies designations for certain types of gaming sessions. This way everyone should know better what to expect when joining one of our gaming sessions in the future.
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