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Council Decisions

By Booone, on 2023-02-06
During our Team Council last Sunday we decided several more or less big things we would like to announce.

First and foremost, we have some personnel changes in our team to report on.
- For his steady contribution both in games and in other platforms of our team - for example managing the Xfire, Steam and YouTube accounts of our team - Luis was promoted to the rank of Sergeant; congratulations, mate!
- Jack, a new recruit to our team previously part of ITS, is progressing well throughout his training and is on a good route to become a full member of the team.
- On a not so happy note, Auld had to leave the team due to not keeping up with our training process for personal reasons. Of course, he has the chance to reapply if his situation changes.

Second, we have decided to conclude the Test Squad phase for TakeDown and close the squad since, unfortunately, the game does not fit our standards - even with the recent updates to the game. If the game improves enough, we might pick it up again in the future.

Third and last, the leadership of the Swat4 Squad was passed on. Raptor resigned as Squad Leader and his Chief Assistant TheIceMan took over. Our new Sergeant Luis was chosen to be the Squad’s new Chief Assistant.
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