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In Unity There Is Strength

By Raptor, on 2023-02-05
During combat we rely 105% on our team mates. Every operator is performing a given task, using our tactics and SOPs, trying to achieve the mission-objectives given previously in the briefing. Discussions are lead in the briefing or debriefing, not in the time between. If just one man does something different, the whole team may suffer from the consequences. A similar principle is applied to our internal team organisation. Every member tries to contribute to the team, following internal guidelines and procedures, working on the common goal to bring our team forward. Discussions are lead in a decent and constructive manner. In this context a failure might not have really serious consequences, but an abuse of trust almost always does. So it applies for every aspect of our team: In Unity There Is Strength! Therefore we elected this proverb as official motto of our team.
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