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Library Update

By Raptor, on 2023-02-06
2.1 Ranks ver 1.48:
- classification fixed
- format changed (paragraphes aligned to the left to fix underline bug)
- Non-Members reworked (in particular removed the term “Friends”)
- first sentence of Ex-Members removed
- several blank spaces removed
- Rank Warrant Officer WO renamed to Quartermaster QM

Guide Tools ver 1.0: new document

Misc: Training ver 1.11:
- format improved + footer added
- keynotes changed to sentences, slightly rephrased

Moreover we modified our Ally program slightly. The criteria to become an Ally are now a little bit more strict. We did this to achieve that all of our Allies are better known by all Members, and also to prevent that our community clutters too much with inactive players.
In the course of this modifications we also revoked the Ally status of some persons who currently do not fulfill the new criteria. Should you be one of these persons and wish to become an Ally again, feel free to contact us.
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