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New Structure To Support Multiple Games

By Raptor, on 2023-02-01
Our team plans to support multiple tactical games in the future (focused on FPS). Therefore we make a lot of changes in our internal organisation at the moment. This will take some time and we will apply this changes step-by-step. In the meantime some information at the website and the forum will be obsolete or maybe even inconsistent. So please be tolerant if you notice such mistakes, inconsistencies or very frequent updates, consider our team as “under construction” ;) Nevertheless we keep on playing Swat 4 actively. We will also start to play and practice in new games, of course also with realistic tactics and close teamwork. Currently we think about Arma2: CO, Americas Army 3, R6: Raven Shield and some other games. Furthermore we will rework our tactical material: we will remove Swat4 specific terms and hints, and add more tactics made for other areas than CQB. The aim is a wide collection of realistic tactics for modern infantry and special forces, ready to be used in any game with sufficient realism.
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