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Public Arma2 Server

By Raptor, on 2023-02-05
From now the AST Arma2 server will be public. It runs our version of the Moscow File mission which is quite simple, short (max 45 minutes), features JIP, has a randomized objective location and hence a huge replayability. Moreover it only requires the basic mods ACE and ACRE. (Details about the necessary and allowed mods can be found here.)

We hope this attracts new players and allows more frequent casual gameplay in this great game, but without losing the degree of realism and immersion which AST stands for. Our admins can easily switch the server to the previous configuration with a password and the full modset loaded, and we will do this for events or other private sessions like before.

For the future we are planning to improve the Moscow File mission further, implement it on other islands and maybe even transfer it to Arma3 for public gameplay at the AST Arma3 server.

Raptor, Arma2 Chief Assistant

PS: a huge thanks to GalZohar, the author of the original Moscow File mission, for allowing us to modify his work.
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