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Rank Changes

By Raptor, on 2023-02-02
The rank of our beloved Herbplant is changed to Sergeant.
Herbie is a founding member of this team and there are absolutely no doubts about his past efforts and contribution. Unfortunately he had recently and still has some personal issues. Because of these he was simply not able to participate actively enough. Therefore we had to remove him from the Commission. Of course we still appreciate his experience and friendly character. We all hope that Herbie will solve his real-life issues soon and then act as counselor for the Commission.

But there are also some good news: because of his activity and contribution Corporal Booone is promoted to Lieutenant.
Booone joined our team already shortly after its foundation, but then took a break from Swat4 and left. When we started to support various games he rejoined our team. And since then he shows great activity and contribution in various ways. The most important is probably the leading and development of our Arma2 Squad. His activity, tactical thinking and calm way to debate will make him a valuable member of the Commission. Congratulations mate.
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Hi guys, I've finally resolved my personall issues, I am currently divorced and back to my mom's house. I can come back to activity now, but i still have troubles with internet connection: The room where I live, is too far from the router, and my pc is a desktop. I got a wireless usb, but is very old and sometimes it fails, dunno why the fuck. But I am glad i resolved that already. We can try to play tomorrow. About my rank, I think I deserved that, i won't complain about it. Cheers. And WB to me smile

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