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[Accepted]WARRIOR, Take 2
WarriorDate: Monday, 2013-05-20, 12:57 | Message # 1
Group: Enlisted
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Real Name: Frank

User Name (Ingame): WARRIOR

User Name (X-Fire):vvarrior87

Date of Birth:September 2 1987

Country and TimeZone (GMT): Canada, -05:00 (Eastern time US and Canada)

Times available for playing (GMT): 20:00 to 23:00 Week days. No
specific time during week-ends.
Time you know AST: +/- 8 months

Way you have found AST: Started playing on your coop server and kept
on playing there ever since.

How much you have read Tactics: I read the entire section and have
played with some AST members who showed me some of your basic tactics.

Reasons you want to join: I played for a while in AST server and I
appreciate the focus on teamplay and realistic tactics displayed by your team.

Desired Personal Trainer: I have been playing mostly with Raptor, Boone and Aras in ARMA2 lately so if any of those guys is willing to teach me some stuff that would be good.

Former Clans/Teams: ETK (Delta Force Black Hawk Down, Disbanded)

Relevant Commentaries: Alright second attempt with the team. Let's hope I won't screw up tongue

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LuisDate: Monday, 2013-05-20, 13:16 | Message # 2
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Hopefully this time it will work biggrin

Good luck lad...

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RaptorDate: Monday, 2013-05-20, 13:56 | Message # 3
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Yea, we anticipated this xD

Congratulations mate, you got accepted as Recruit.

From now on you are an AST member, which means you have to follow our
member rules. You’ll get further hints via PM.

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9
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