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FrostyDate: Sunday, 2014-02-16, 10:09 | Message # 1
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About me: 
Ingame nickname: Frosty
XFire username: Don't have one atm
Date of birth: 08/06/1998
Location and timezone: England (GMT 0) 

I have played Arma 2 and Arma 3. Ive have been playing arma 2 for 2 years and i have been in many clans e.g. 15th meu and also 10/21st.

Relation to the team: 
Only some 10/21st encounters but thats all really 

I'm looking for a serious realism and tactical clan. I know many things but also I need to learn alot too. 

I would like to do my basic training and try for the ArmA 2 clan
BoooneDate: Sunday, 2014-02-16, 10:27 | Message # 2
Group: Lieutenant
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Hello and welcome to our community.

I'm afraid this application is too short and you barely cover the most important points, that is your knowledge of our tactics (which you can read into in the library, but of course also gain from practical experience), why you want to join our ranks, what you expect in and from the team, and why we should accept you.

These are the minimum points you still need to elaborate on to make your application valid. I will close this post and you can create a new application; I recommend you have a look at the application page again and take some time to put in all the information we need, especially the points that I mentioned above. Feel free to base your new application on your current one.

Also, you might want to consider applying for server access first and playing a few rounds with us - but if you are sure that you want to join our team, making another reworked and proper application is fine too.

Commanding Lt. Booone

Forums » Applications » Join the Team! » [Invalid]Frosty
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