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[Swat4]Useful Console Commands
RaptorDate: Monday, 2012-01-09, 23:35 | Message # 1
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You can open the console simply by pressing a special key which is usually the key left to "1", like "^" or "~". All console commands are case-insensitive.

abortgame - Ends the current round.
flush - Flush all caches. Regenerates all lighting, 3D hardware textures, etc. Can be useful to reduce lag or to clear texture corruption due to 3D hardware driver bugs.
handsdown - Hides your weapon and hand from the 1st person view.
get - Gets the default value for a variable in a class. eg get swatgame.serversettings maxplayers
open - Opens a local map. Can be useful to open custom maps in Single Player. eg open sp-u273
reconnect - Reconnect to the current/previous server.
sad - Login as admin with specified password.
say - Broadcast a message to other players in the game.
set - Sets the specified property of the specified class with the specified value. eg set swatgame.serversettings maxplayers 5
set input - Set up keybinds in-game. It automatically writes to the User.ini file. eg set input u say hello
setres WxHxD - Set the resolution and color depth. eg setres 1024x768x32
shot - Take a screenshot and save it in the System directory with a consecutive name like Shot0001.bmp.
startgame - Makes all players ready.
stat all - Shows all stats.
stat fps - Shows frame time in milliseconds.
stat game - Shows game stats.
stat hardware - Shows interesting hardware stats.
stat render - Shows stats about rendering. Note especially the Staticmesh/Triangles count.
stat net - Shows network performance statistics including ping, packet loss, bytes/second.
stat none - Turns off the display of any stats.
teamsay - Broadcast a message to your teammates.
quit/exit - Exit the game.

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9
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