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[Swat4]Special Nickname Characters
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Open your Default.ini file. Under the [Engine.Engine] header, find:


and change it to:


Now do the same thing for Swat4.ini & Swat4X.ini (if the two lines don't exist in Swat4(X).ini ignore this part).


1.go to your installation folder of swat 4,open contentexpansion-->system
(it should look like this C:\Program Files\S.W.A.T. 4\ContentExpansion\System)
2.find these two files; SwatGame.ENG file and SwatGame.INT file
then,just in case if something goes wrong ,make a backup copy of this two files
3.open the SwatGame.ENG file, inside you must find this line:(its almost at the beginning of the file) DefaultMPName= ,now write your name after the equal symbol.
Now look a bit down you should see this line: MPNameAllowableCharSet= ,here you must add this symbols ()<>{}|_!^ ,now close it save it in system folder
4. do the same thing with SwatGame.INT
(copied from |ETS|Sokol: http://ets-clan.ucoz.com/forum/23-11-1 )

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