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[Arma2/Arma3] Modifications we use
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We use Play withSIX to keep our modifications up-to-date and play in the easiest possible way.

Mods for Arma2

Mods for Arma3

Installation Instructions
The Server only accepts signed and trusted addons. We recommend to use only the mods listed above, otherwise you might be kicked.

Copy mod-set from server
This method is fast to set up and easy to modify - generally the recommended way to install our mods.

1. Open Play withSIX, select the correct game you want to set up. Then, switch to the server browser tab via the menu on the left.
2. At the top of the window, enter the server name (or part of it) into the search bar and make sure you have all filters disabled.
3. Right-click our server and select "Create collection from server mods".
4. Go to the mods tab, you should see a new collection named after our server. Double click it and if you only want to download certain mods of the set (e.g. for an event), untick the mods you do not need/want.
5. Press install at the bottom left. The mod-set is now being installed - this might take very (very) long depending on how many mods you selected and how fast your connection is.

Note that with this method you have the option to only select the mods you actually need for a certain event. Our whole mod-set contains a lot more mods than you will usually need for a single event.

Create a mod-set manually
This might be useful if our server is currently down or you need mods that are not installed on the server.

1. Open Play withSIX, select the correct game you want to set up. Then, switch to the mods tab via the menu on the left.
2. Add a new collection with the button "new collection +" in the second column, below your probably empty list of collections. Name it "AST", or however you like.
3. Use the search bar at the top "search entire library" and search for the exact mod names listed above (always startign with the @-symbol), adding the to your new mod collection via drag and drop. Repeat this for all mods you want to add.
4. Double click your new mod collection and then press the yellow install/update button on the bottom left. Your mods are now downloading - this process will take some time. After that you are ready to play.

Note: This topic will usually be kept updated and include notifications for any new mods installed to the server. Click the "Subscribe to the thread" button on the top right to subscribe to this topic and be notified when we install new mods to our server by email.

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[Arma3] @XMedSys updated

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