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TS3 Whisper key
RaptorDate: Wednesday, 2013-07-24, 08:34 | Message # 1
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Most people know that they can set specific whisperlists to communicate with other players even when they are in a different channel. We use this feature pretty often when playing with more than one team.

However if there are subchannels for different teams (e.g. "Blue" and "Red" for Swat4), you can as well define a whisper key to talk with both teams at the same time:
-> set up a new whisper key (extras -> whisperlist)
-> as "Whisper to" select "Groups"
-> as "Group Whisper Type" select "All Clients"
-> as "Group Whisper Target" select "Complete Channel Family"
-> done
The advantage is that this key works for all games and all players the same way. No need to setup a new whisperlist at the start of every new round.
Note that you talk to everyone (including your own team) and not just to the other team leaders this way. That is in my eyes an advantage, at least for pretty small teams like in Swat4 or RvS. (One could change that with a dummy server group "Team Leader" and adding/removing people to this group as needed.)

Obviously for Arma2 with ACRE all whisper lists should be disabled (one can simply assign no hotkey instead of deleting the whisper list completely).

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