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AST Community Connector
LuisDate: Monday, 2014-03-31, 15:18 | Message # 1
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Hello! Yes its me again.

At this time Im here to talk about a new browser extension denominated AST Community connector.

With this tool you can easily open our website, steam group, xfire, gametracker, etc...

This tool also provides to you all of our server info showing the current players on the server! Find out if anyone is playing on any of our servers without actually having to connect to our website to check the gametracker logs.

You will also have a vote button, so you can support us and help us find more players at armaclans.com.

This tool current version is: Public beta 1.1.32



Installation instructions:
1- Download the file above
2- Open (on chrome) "chrome://extensions/" [differs from browser to browser, all you have to do is open the extension page of the browser where you want to install the tool]
3- Drag the file into the page
4- click install
5- Use the tool =)

Known issues:

Please notify us of any bugs or issues that you might find with this tool.

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