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2RGT looking for new challenges
TapparellaDate: Thursday, 2014-05-29, 22:05 | Message # 1
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Hello fellows,

My name is Tapparella and I’m member of 2RGT (Secondo Reggimento) Italian clan.
http://www.secondoreggimento.it/ or 2RGT SECONDO REGGIMENTO in facebook dry  

I’m looking for new challenges and maybe you are interested in some PvP or Coop (even if I like Raptor point of view about it) with us.
We use to play around 9:00PM-9:30PM CET, so, if you are interested to play with us feel free to contact me by PM, steam (Tapparella09) or whatever you want smile ... even to say that you are not insterested at all smile

Looking forward to see you on the battlefield,
BoooneDate: Friday, 2014-05-30, 05:57 | Message # 2
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Hey there.

We are always interested in cooperation with other clans. While we are not really into the competetive side of ArmA, we play anything as long as it fits our game philosophy - that includes anything from simple Co-Op to elaborate multiple-faction-scenarios. Since our game philosophy is quite detailed, I'd ask you to make sure that we really like the same kind of gameplay and are compatible before going any further.

Since I don't speak Italian, I can't extract that much information from your website. So, some questions:

1. Do you play only play ArmA III?

2. How do you play? Striving for realism and immersion or for more casual rounds?

3. Do you all speak English as well? Otherwise, this is not necessarily a problem. It will probably make for some interesting mission design.

4. How do you synchronize your modifications? Do you use Play withSIX?

Commanding Lt. Booone

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