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Swat "Wargame"
RaptorDate: Saturday, 2012-03-10, 00:41 | Message # 1
Group: Commander
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Basic idea:
- we gather members and friends
- we split up in 2 teams
- tango barricade themself inside the structure
- officers try to get them

I do not like the original barricaded game mod in swat, since people spawn everywhere over the map. I want to keep it the old fashion way: bad guys inside and swat coming in. I think it would be fun, and some of you already did in RvS.
One can think of many variations with different maps, different weapons and tacaids in both teams, ofc different team sizes, mb objectives like time limit or some players representing a hostage.
I have already some mean ideas for the SSF Training Center section A, developed for the last training session (but not realized due to a lack of both players and time).

Not sure if I can organize such thing in the next week, since I'm busy with basic training, team training and RvS smile But I would like to hear generall opinion and mb someone else take the organisation of the first round (choose map and rules concerning eq in both teams and respawning; try to find a date and time with as many players as possible).

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9
BoooneDate: Saturday, 2012-03-10, 01:33 | Message # 2
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Sounds like a good idea. I might join if you organize it some time happy

ShaDyDate: Saturday, 2012-03-10, 13:09 | Message # 3
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Sure that would be awesome let's set time for this if everyone wants too. smile
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