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Funny moments in AST
LuisDate: Friday, 2012-11-02, 07:11 | Message # 11
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LecterDate: Monday, 2012-11-26, 14:48 | Message # 12
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Herb helped me to change xfire nickname:

Drago: Option is not there...
Herbie: yes
Herbie: wait
Herbie: let me see
Herbie: ok
Drago: f**k that crap xfire
Herbie: you logged in ?
Herbie: right?
Drago: yea
Herbie: ok
Herbie: now go to http://www.xfire.com/communities/teamast/roster/
Herbie: above all players name
Herbie: you have an option:
Drago: Its there now... WTF
Drago: My xfire looked different
Herbie: "set your team nickname"
Herbie: above Advanced squad tactics
Drago: I did it
Herbie: advanced squad tactics -team roster
Herbie: its above
Drago: I DID IT
Herbie: omg
Herbie: wtf
Herbie: i can see mine
Herbie: look
Herbie: gonna change my name
Herbie: and?
Herbie: what is the problem
Herbie: ok
Herbie: ahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahah

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RaptorDate: Wednesday, 2013-02-27, 20:28 | Message # 13
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Today I was playing Swat4 with Herbie, and found a nice car for Luis xD
(Herbie wasn't able to see it, although I could see it on his headcam.)
Attachments: babybuggy.zip(957.8 Kb)

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LuisDate: Thursday, 2013-02-28, 07:32 | Message # 14
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It is a nice car, i dont want you to push me around tough you might get me through a wall biggrin

ShadowManuDate: Monday, 2013-03-04, 03:03 | Message # 15
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I may add here the moment when we had the team council and then, out of the blue Herbie says "Hi Shadow!"? Great random comment at a great random time xD

TheIceManDate: Monday, 2013-03-04, 14:15 | Message # 16
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Well it was kinda different Shadow....it was as follow:

During team council after some time:

Herbie said: "What the F.... Shadow is here...Hi Shadow"

Just a detail...

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HerbplantDate: Wednesday, 2013-04-03, 17:54 | Message # 17
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The latest one: We were playing Arma and SAS_Fluffy was the leader. Boone and I were in the Bravo team, and after a sudden retreat without the alpha and the leader, the communication via radio has became a shit.

Then Fluffy said: "Bravo team, this is alpha (noises and unrecognizable speech by the distance)
Booone's Answer: "ok alpha team, this is bravo, ahahaoanvbabalabnalabalabalkabala, copy?

I said "what the fuck?"

Booone: "Don't worry Herbie, Fluffy will think this crap is a real reporting, so i don't care.

some minutes later, same message, not recognizable yet...
 And Booones answer again: "Copy loud and clear alpha team blablablaa ahfasoiárfhuad´djbngdsaouidgnkasdgbhkdsagdsag"

 The best communication ever!

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LuisDate: Monday, 2013-04-15, 16:07 | Message # 18
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A normal day in my life: 

<17:04:11> "AST|Booone": Luis, I know you. Better than you think.
<17:04:16> "AST|Booone": And I will find you.
<17:04:17> "AST|Luis": oh do you...
<17:04:28> "AST|Luis": What´s my favourite colour and singer?
<17:04:41> "AST|Booone": Shut up and let me finish!
<17:04:48> "AST|Booone": I will find you, and do things to you.
<17:04:54> "AST|Booone": Terrible things.
<17:04:59> "AST|Booone": TERRIBLE THINGS!
<17:05:06> "AST|Booone": DUN DU MDMU MDUN DUN DUN DUN
<17:05:09> "AST|Booone": DUN DUN DUN DUN DUDUDUDU
<17:05:24> "AST|Luis": is that supose to be a dramatic song?
<17:05:28> "AST|Booone": yes
<17:05:30> "AST|Luis": oh ok
<17:05:32> "AST|Luis": go on  then
<17:05:35> "AST|Booone": DU DUDU
<17:05:37> "AST|Booone": HUHUDUHDUHUHU

Lmao! XD

ShadowManuDate: Tuesday, 2013-04-16, 01:12 | Message # 19
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LOL... The words "Du", dramatic, and Boone do not make any sense in a same sentence. Only if you add negations, of course it is biggrin

LuisDate: Tuesday, 2013-04-16, 18:19 | Message # 20
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a normal day in my life (2):
<19:06:32> "AST|Luis": "AST|Booone": not only to find something to nag about and get you down for the fun of it"
<19:06:42> "AST|Luis": Hum i could swear some times you do that for fun biggrin
<19:06:58> "AST|Booone": i never
<19:08:48> "AST|Booone": at least not if it is anything but beauty tips on your face
<19:08:55> "AST|Booone": because it is quite ugly
<19:09:17> "AST|Booone": rouge helps with that, try it
<19:10:23> "AST|Luis": I will xD
<19:11:00> "AST|Luis": Kids grow so fast, yesterday you were still laughing whenever you eard the word "butt" and today you are already a grown man, giving advices biggrin
<19:11:23> "AST|Booone": and some eyeliner could do you good
<19:11:35> "AST|Luis": leave my ugly face out of this!
<19:11:46> "AST|Booone": you need to bring out your beautiful brown eyes
<19:11:59> "AST|Luis": who says i dont have blue eyes?
<19:12:07> "AST|Booone": you have brown eyes.
<19:12:13> "AST|Luis": ok, you cought me.
<19:13:03> "AST|Booone": you see
<19:13:12> "AST|Booone": in terms of being a human, i am superior to you
<19:13:40> "AST|Luis": so you are superior because you guessed something?
<19:13:58> "AST|Luis": new question.... Are you superior than raptor
<19:14:00> "AST|Luis": ?
<19:14:09> "AST|Booone": i am
<19:14:12> "AST|Luis": in what ways?
<19:14:22> "AST|Booone": i use phosphuros for my smoke signals
<19:14:31> "AST|Luis": he still used fireplaces doesent he?
<19:14:37> "AST|Booone": yeah, that idiot
<19:14:38> "AST|Booone": pfff
<19:14:41> "AST|Luis": lmao

So yeah... This is how Booone and I usualy go through our afternoons biggrin

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