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RaptorDate: Tuesday, 2013-02-12, 09:35 | Message # 1
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Since this topic comes up again and again, I want to share my thoughts about it here.

Basically I have no problem with playing against human opponents. But a lot of
people, including game developers, consider PvP games (or modes) as
sport. Sport is,or at least should be, based on equal chances for all
sides and fair-play. Perfectly fine for football, car-races and even
But not for armed combat. Engagements between armed forces are one of the
meanest and nastiest things on earth. There are no rules to ensure
fairness. And the first prize is the privilege to keep on breathing.

Let’s take a simple example issue: camping.
From a sports point of view it’s really unfair to hold at a certain position
for hours just waiting for other players to move. If every player does
it, the game will end without any shoots fired...kinda boring.
On the other hand from a tactical point of view it’s a really good idea.
Take an advantage position, dig in, prepare an ambush for the enemy. If
you do not use a good opportunity to do this, you act stupid.
So how do you want to play PvP: unfair or stupid?

Another issue are artificial equipment restrictions or weapon balancing stuff.
So this mean enemy kills you always with a sniper rifles from huge
distance? Use smoke to conceal your movements. Try to get closer or
sneak up behind him. Deploy counter snipers or heavy weapons to take out
the enemy position. Or simply sit down and call for your mama, mb it
helps somehow...
Similar balancing stuff is often made at the map-layout. So we have setup 2 MGs
and a mortar at the front, but no one was able to close the fu**ing
backdoor of this bunker? Seriously?
Superior equipment or a superior positions: in combat you have to deal with it, in sport you have rules to prevent it.

To sum up you have the choice: either you consider a PvP match as sport. Then there should be some balancing and everyone should play fair. But that’s
not realistic.
If you want to simulate real combat, like we usually do, then there are no
rules and no one should cry about any imbalanced stuff or nasty
I personally can handle both ways. But problems arose for sure if players play different ways at the same server...

Final note: When I’m talking about “no rules” and “nasty tactics”, I still
consider the game as given frame. There is no way to justify cheating
(in MP), or real attacks against your opponent outside the game (like
sending him a computer virus via email).

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
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LecterDate: Tuesday, 2013-02-12, 10:48 | Message # 2
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Personally, I like when enemy camps in Vegas 2... Me and Luis kind of got used to hunting down campers and rambos. In most maps, camping doesnt help, because there are always multiple approaches everywhere. And if you already know, where enemy might be camping (after 2-3 rounds, you can already predict noobish enemy actions quite well), there are always some helpful tacaids to fulsh him out, or burry him in his camping spot.

May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house

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