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Content - Individual Skills
RaptorDate: Wednesday, 2012-02-08, 10:59 | Message # 1
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*Content added to basic training: http://ast.ucoz.org/forum/21-308-1948-16-1335003777 *

Beside the knowledge and practice of team tactics and movement, every officer must have some individual skills. This skills are his responsibilty. The team can not really support him to achieve and maintain this skills;

Mental Attitude: fights are won with the head, not with the gun (post concerning this topic is still in work)

Physical Condition: unlike real swat this is not about the condition of your body, but of your equipment. No, neither money nor computer hardware is growing on trees. Nevertheless you should afford and maintain the right equipment to enjoy gaming. An unhandy mouse or steady lags because of bad hardware kill the fun while gaming. And concerning our way of game you should really think about spending a few bucks for a good working microphone.

Equipment Handling: no need to tell that you should know your keyboard layout by hard. Kinda embarrasing when you switch your flashlight and grab a flashbang before you finally found the right key to cuf... possible deadly in other situations.
But futhermore you should also know how to handle your equipment, namely the bsg and nades. The tactic of bang and dynamic entry simply doesn't work, if you are not able to get the bang INSIDE the designated room. And it works much better, if you are able to get the nade to the correct position.

Shooting Skills: this is a must have. Periode.
Your main task as swat officer is to cover your AoR against any threat. In order to do this you MUST be able to control your weapon 100% in each and every situation. The circumstances pretty often demand for really quick (e.g. aiming sus) and really precise (e.g. civ in fireline) shooting. During our normal gameplay we do not use lethal force as often as necessary to archieve the shooting skill needed, so extra weapon drill is not a bad idea.
You should be able to handle different weapons, at least:
- one smg for CQB
- one silenced smg incase stealth is mandatory
- one AR or carabine for enivorements with various fighting distances
- one pistol as reserve and for CQB incase your primary is an AR, sniper rifle or ll
You should be able to handle all weapon on various distances (you never know when a sus will appear around the next corner close to you or 200 meters far away and start shooting at you).
Pratice of the taser as our default ll option is also not wrong. Additionaly some practice with less lethal primaries and also long range weapons like a sniper rifle won't hurt.

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9

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BoooneDate: Wednesday, 2012-02-08, 13:07 | Message # 2
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Nice article happy

I really like that we are getting a bit of a database for tactical articles here for our allies and our reading pleasure, but nonetheless I have some opinions on these articles in general, which would be that the first post in each of these topics acts as the "official result", meaning it will be refined, typos will be fixed and it will be kept formal for the most part.

So to your points:

Mental attitude: Not much to add, I agree with you.

Physical condition: Also agree and really a good working microphone is not a big investment. You can get a nice headset for already 10-20€.

Equipment handling: This needs to be adressed and trained in our training sessions more, especially throwing nades.

Shooting skills: Not much to add. You should feel comfortable and be well-trained with at least one weapon of each class (AR, SMG, ...).

RaptorDate: Friday, 2012-02-10, 12:55 | Message # 3
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Quote (Booone)
I really like that we are getting a bit of a database for tactical articles here

Sounds like this stuff would grow automatically...but nvm smile I know that most of you are more in practical stuff than writting things down.

About training:
The use of nades is part of training lesson 3, but can also be trained alone on almost every map. Just try to make the nade landing on different postitions w/o exposing yourself. The Sog Training Facility (http://hotswatmods.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=2315) offers also a nade range with small windows. One should train the use of all 3 nades and the lauchner up to a certain degree.

The practice of weapon handling can and should be done alone, there is no need for team training. You can use several different weapon drills:

Sog Training Facility (link see above), shooting range 2:
- shoot fast and precise, so that all targets are down at the same time (read instructions at the wall)
- practice at both lines

Sog TF, outside:
- fast pistol shooting: 2 bullets for the chest, 1 for the head (paper target so you can see the hits)
- hostage rescue: hit the sus without hitting the sus (paper target as sus with lay-down target as civ)
- swat movi drill: start standing with AR on semi fire next to the door, shoot first lay-down target -> run to the postbox and shoot second laydown target -> run to the barrel, crouch and shoot third lay-down target -> run to the wooden frame, change to pistol, shoot 4th lay-down target -> shoot the last 2 lay-down targets and hit the paper target (2 chest, 1 head) while moving towards the paper target
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ1ykxkw-eE&feature=related#t=1m05s syr, didn't found an english version)

You can also make several drills with different lay-down targets (Sog TF shooting range 2 and outside, SFF Training Center 1.0):
- shoot all target down as fast as possible, try to keep them down
- make a movement between the shooting (take a side step, lean left and right, crouch and stand up, turn 180 degree and back, etc.)

The Sog TF also offer a training pacours combining moving and fast, precise shooting, but the times written at the wall are pretty difficult to reach. I would say impossible with light armor and without shooting while moving which is mostly unnecessary.
I personally get the following times with LA and without doing the flashbangs stuff:
Pistol: 1:13 min
SMG Semi: 1:10
SMG Burst: 1:15
AR Semi; 1:25
AR Auto: 1:30
AR Semi outside + Pistol inside: 1:20
AR Auto outside + Pistol inside: 1:25
(started with pushing the red button, ended when crossing the end gate; not stating the best time record, but an upper bound which should never be crossed)
Try to use as few bullets as possible. Ofc every hit of an civ is an immidiate fail.

But not-moving and not-firing targets do not really provide a realistic practice. For this purpose I personally use the map "Combat Zone" or "Combat Zone TSS" (both similar). Lot's of CQB (doors, stairs, some unusual rooms), many well armed sus with body armor, only some civs and a small outside area. Grab the weapons you want to train, use aggresive RoE (it's about aiming and weapon control, not really trigger reflexes) and after a few rounds you can handle your guns much better than before wink

- Idk if it makes a differnce, but usually I use jhp ammo for weapon drills (don't want the bullets to penetrate anything or anyone smile )
- I personally found that it makes a difference whether you play on your own server at home or using the AST server via internet. Even when shooting at targets which do not move like the Sog TF shooting range 2. Not sure why, but while playing over internet sometimes you simply do not hit far away targets even when your aim is direclty at the center of the target.
- As already mentioned you should master at least one specific weapon of each category.
- Try different fire modi, different shooting ranges and positions (crouched or standing). Try to shoot shortly after stopping a movement or even while moving .

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9
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