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[Arma2] Co10 Stavropol: Devotion
RaptorDate: Friday, 2014-06-20, 14:53 | Message # 1
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General Information
Date: Saturday, 2014-06-21
Tech-Check (TS3): 15:30-16:30 UTC
Start of the event: 17:00 UTC
Expected duration: 2-3 hours (we can be kind of flexible about how much we want to do)


Type: Cooperative
Scenario: A Russian section patrols multiple villages (hearts and minds / counter insurgency operation).
Covert / Overt: overt
Offensive / Defensive: offensive
Time: daylight
Newcomer friendly: yes (equipment is given, regular troop structure)


Requirements to join
Working equipment, TS3 and Arma2 set up to play on our server.
Required Mods (through SIX):
• @JayArma2Lib
See http://ast.ucoz.org/forum/15-721-1 for installation instructions.

AST|Tactical Server (

Soviet/Russian war in Afghanistan, 1993. The intervention of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan was not aborted in 1989. Russia, as successor to the Soviet Union continues the fight against various Sunni Mujahideen groups alongside the Afghanistani government forces.

List of Slots (how to sign up)
Russian Ground Forces
247th Caucasian Cossacks Air Assault Regiment, 7th Guards Airborne Division

Airborne Infantry Rifle Section
#1 Section Leader (AK-74M; Sgt) - Raptor
#2 Senior Rifleman (AK-74M, GP-25; Cpl) - Captain
#3 Grenadier (AK-74M, RPG-7V; Pvt) - Warrior
#4 Assistant Grenadier (AK-74M; Pvt)
#5 Automatic Rifleman (RPK-74M; Pvt) - (Bruker)
#6 Designated Marksman (SVD-63; Pvt)- Fluffy
#7 Combat Lifesaver (AK-74M; Pvt) - Herbplant
#8 Rifleman (AK-74M, GP-25; Pvt )- its0

Machinegunner Team (attached from Weapons Section)
#9 Machinegunner (PKM; Pvt) - Booone
#10 Assistant Gunner (AK-74M; Pvt)

We already did a part of this operation some time ago. We will just skip that village this time and move on to the other patrol locations.
Minimum amount of players required: 6.
JIP is possible in case of technical issues. No respawn.
Epi and morphine can be used by everyone.
Medkits can be used only by the medic.

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9

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BoooneDate: Friday, 2014-06-20, 17:56 | Message # 2
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its0Date: Friday, 2014-06-20, 21:10 | Message # 3
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I prefer #8 or #5 smile
BoooneDate: Saturday, 2014-06-21, 01:33 | Message # 4
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@bwmod and @bwmod_ace are not a dependency for this mission anymore.

HerbplantDate: Saturday, 2014-06-21, 01:50 | Message # 5
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If fail in anything, try again. You will be able to shake the world. Believe!
SAS_FluffyDate: Saturday, 2014-06-21, 07:05 | Message # 6
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WarriorDate: Saturday, 2014-06-21, 12:57 | Message # 7
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#3 #5 #10
captainDate: Saturday, 2014-06-21, 15:15 | Message # 8
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RaptorDate: Sunday, 2014-06-22, 14:11 | Message # 9
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After Action Report:
While approaching the first village, the section made contact with insurgents and engaged. We were able to take out 2 enemy patrols with 3-4 men in total without taking much enemy fire.
But as one element reached the edge of the village, the overwatch element took fire from a group of 4 insurgents from another hill at long range. The first team quickly moved to a support by fire position at a building. However due to inferior weapons this team wasn't able to gain firesupriority. Furthermore this team had no good option to out-maneuver the enemy. As the original overwatch team tried to flank the enemy, they encountered further enemies in close range but decided to move on further into enemy controlled territory and further away from the other team. This tactical mistake allowed the enemy to surround the team in thick vegetation, and finally destroy it completly.
The first team had 1 man KIA during the firefight. The remaining 3 guys finally retreated, quickly searched for survivors of the overwatch team and then returned to base.

Summary: due to a tactical mistake, communication issues between both teams and an unexpected large number of insurgents at an unexpected position, the section took heavy casualties and had to abort the mission
Friendlies KIA: 4
Enemies KIA: about 10

OOC: Still it was an immersive and fun mission smile

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9
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