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[Swat 4] Experimentals - TheIceMan
TheIceManDate: Friday, 2012-10-05, 10:08 | Message # 1
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Date and Time:

6th October 2012 After TeamMeeting

Responsible Trainer/Co-trainer:


List of participants:


1) Criss-Cross (Cross-Over)
- its not "our" classical crossover thing actually Me want to rename it but this CrossOver is about something else
- This crossover is used in stealth entries when operators will cross eachother during entry. One operator is crouching and other is standing.
- This entry technique can be used after scan or after split stack when scanner after scan or guy ("no handle side pointman" on opposite side) (in split stack) will crouch and enter room opposite side where door opens and second operator (in stacking form "handle side pointman") will enter room as second but behind the door. So it means scanner ("not handle side pointman" in split stack) enters first will use door as shield.
- in real: movement must be done at same time operators must be really close together not really possible in a game. So we will train this simple modification written above.

Original description (including picture on website)

- A room-assault technique in which each operator makes entry by rapidly crossing
through the doorway (well out of the fatal funnel) to a position inside, and opposite of where the operator began his entry.

-Each operator can see a big part of his AOR before he enters the room ( http://cqb-team.com/crossover.php )

-It takes much practice to time the movement so that it is fast but the operators don’t bump in to each other.
-The operators can be exposed for crossfire from each others weapons ( http://cqb-team.com/crossover.php )

2) High-Low:
- A two-man dual protective cover technique in which one operator (coverman) is standing upright and directly behind a second operator who is in a crouched position (pointman).
This clearing procedure allows firearms coverage in either moving or stationary positions with the operators weapons focused simultaneously upon one point or area.
The same technique is used if a operator have a stoppage in his primary weapon

-This is a very fast technique to clear a corner.
- If there is a threat he is forced to shoot at one of the operators. He can’t engage both at the same time, this hesitation allows the operators to take the first shoot

-It takes practice to make the team move at the same time

This technique is also used when a team need to clear a T-intersection.
( http://cqb-team.com/high_lowe.php )

No Retreat No Surrender
LuisDate: Friday, 2012-10-05, 10:51 | Message # 2
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I´ll be there as always biggrin

RaptorDate: Friday, 2012-10-05, 13:57 | Message # 3
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Me 2.

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9
JackDate: Friday, 2012-10-05, 16:17 | Message # 4
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Sorry Ice , After team meeting I dont think i can stay I will try my Best..

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