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[Arma2] co08 - Coersion
BoooneDate: Sunday, 2013-10-20, 15:30 | Message # 1
Group: Lieutenant
Messages: 849
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Status: Offline
General Information

Date: Saturday, 2013-10-26 (26 October 2013)
Tech-Check (TS3): 1500 UTC
Gathering on TS3 (everyone): 1600 UTC
Start of the event: 1630 UTC
The event may take up to 4 hours, depending on the leader's decisions. Expected time is about 2 hours. If you have technical problems, feel free to ask us ahead of the event or drop by at the Tech-Check.

Players with access to our Arma2 server; sign-up required.


Requirements to join
Working equipment, TS3 and Arma2 set up to play on our server.
Required Mods (through SIX):
• @JayArma2Lib
• @FDF_Mod
• @Thirsk
See http://ast.ucoz.org/forum/15-721-1 for installation instructions.

AST|Tactical Server


List of Slots
Finnish Army
#1 Squad Leader — AST|Raptor
#2 Machinegunner — Fluffy
#3 Assistant Gunner — AST|Booone
#4 Rifleman (First Aider) — AST|Warrior

#5 Deputy Squad Leader — AST|Aras
#6 Machinegunner — Tim
#7 Assistant Gunner
#8 Rifleman — AST|Herbplant

Uncertain sign-ups: Spencer [10/21st]

2 x Land Rover Defender (7 seats, unarmored and unarmed)

Up to 3 slot wishes are possible, they will be regarded in chronological order. Which slot of those you signed up you will get in the end will be the decision of the organizer.

Multiple terrorist attacks have been recorded all over Finland in the last few hours. The small island of Thirsk, just north of the mainland was struck an hour ago. An infantry platoon stationed on the island is responding to assist the police on the island. One squad (you) will move to the city of Thirsk, securing it for emergency forces arriving from the mainland.

Technical Information
• Epinephrine and morphine can be used by everyone
• Medkits can only be used by the medic
• Full heal in the field

LecterDate: Sunday, 2013-10-20, 20:41 | Message # 2
Group: NCO
Messages: 534
Awards: 0
Status: Offline

May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house

,,Not a single chainsaw was given that day...''
WarriorDate: Tuesday, 2013-10-22, 13:05 | Message # 3
Group: Enlisted
Messages: 66
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Status: Offline
6 8 4
BoooneDate: Friday, 2013-10-25, 16:13 | Message # 4
Group: Lieutenant
Messages: 849
Awards: 0
Status: Offline
Briefing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3stap3431qyz1z9/Briefing.pdf (available to everyone)

The pre-final roster stands. Current slots will not change anymore. Additional sign-ups are still possible, position #4 Rifleman (First Aider) is especially important, since this is the only position that can give First Aid.

RaptorDate: Friday, 2013-10-25, 16:46 | Message # 5
Group: Commander
Messages: 3115
Awards: 0
Status: Offline
At the Platoon HQ: Is it possible to get Riot Control Agents like CN Gas and Gasmasks?

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9
BoooneDate: Friday, 2013-10-25, 16:52 | Message # 6
Group: Lieutenant
Messages: 849
Awards: 0
Status: Offline
Platoon Sgt: A dozen of CN Gas grenades along with four gas masks will be ready as you move out.

(A crate will be available at the start containing 12 CN gas grenades, an old M79 grenade launcher with another 6 gas grenades for it; also 17 flash bang grenades.)

HerbplantDate: Friday, 2013-10-25, 20:24 | Message # 7
Group: NCO
Messages: 116
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Status: Offline
I am in as anything free wink Cya in game

If fail in anything, try again. You will be able to shake the world. Believe!
Lcpl.spencer 10/21stDate: Saturday, 2013-10-26, 13:32 | Message # 8
Group: Civilian

I will go as Machinegunner if thats ok
TimDate: Saturday, 2013-10-26, 13:33 | Message # 9
Group: Civilian

Happy to join you guys in one of your events.
#6, #7.

I was asked whether I'm okay with doing deputy squad leader if needed. I can, not fully know all of your procedures.
Lcpl.spencer 10/21stDate: Saturday, 2013-10-26, 13:33 | Message # 10
Group: Civilian

Oh but put me down as a maybe
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