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Signing up for Arma events
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Signing up for our Arma2 and Arma3 events always works in a pretty similar fashion. Most of the events will be laid out in a way that participants can choose from a variety of slots, which will be available in the mission provided by the organizer.

Before signing up (unless the event is public), you need access to our Arma servers. You can gain this access by filling out a short form

When you sign up, you can state up to three exact slot wishes. All slots have a designated number, so simply enter three numbers in a reaply to the event thread. The organizer will try to assign you one of these slots.

Uncertain Sign-Up
If you not 100% sure that you can attend the event, you can reply to the event topic saying so. Slot wishes are not possible on uncertain sign-ups.

When all slots are filled, you can still sign up, but not with a specific slot wish anymore. If you sign up then, you will simply be added to the reserve players, which means you will simply replace anyone that does not show up. Experience shows that usually some participants are late, or have something else important to attend to. If you are within the first few reserve positions, you can be relatively certain that there will be a slot open for you at the event.

Red Slots
Slots marked red are critical for the mission and possibly require (like leaders or operators of special weapons) more preparation than other slots. Thus, they get their own reserve. If you sign up for another slot, please specify if you would also be ready to take over one of the red slots if need be - this obviously means that you also have to prepare accordingly.

Leaders (marked with *)
Slots marked with an asterisk are required to attend the leader's meeting. Leader's meetings are usually 15 to 30 minutes before the start of an event.

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Forums » Gaming » Gaming Events » Signing up for Arma events (Read this before signing up!)
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