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Total War: ROME II
RaptorDate: Thursday, 2014-07-03, 09:11 | Message # 1
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Who ever played a part of the Total War series knows the concept: you build up your own empire in a turn-based strategy part at a world map. Whenever one of your armies or fleets enters combat, you take command in classical real-time strategy manner. And most important: Rome II offers you to do this in 2-players coop.

Imho the concept is great. In the strategy part you manage your provinces, build buildings, recruit your army and do diplomatic stuff with other nations. You need to make sure that your forces don’t have to fight at too many fronts at the same time, take care of your finances and decide where to reinforce your armed forces with which kind of unit.
In tactical combat you command exactly the units that you brought to this battle. No wild reinforcement spamming or tower rushing like in other real-time strategy games. No artificial balancing. You have to fight out whatever situation your strategic decisions have lead to.
Basic combat principle is rock-paper-scissors: cavalry beats melee infantry -> melee infantry beats spear infantry -> spear infantry beats cavalry. Of course there are different version of each unit type (light, medium, heavy), ranged units (javelin men, archers), artillery, siege weapons, ships and even special units like wardogs and elephants (really bad ass...). And combat is influenced by a variety of other factors, e.g.:
- attacks in the flank or rear of a unit are quite effective
- units have a morale, and if it drops too low (e.g. due to effective enemy attacks, or other friendly units already fleeing) the unit might not follow your orders anymore and flee
- units fight better in formation
- weather (e.g. during rain you can’t use flammable arrows/javelins, during fog you can hardly see what’s going on at the battle field)

All in all the game is really fun. Not that difficult to understand, but hard to master. So if anyone else beside Fluffy is up to conquer the ancient world with me, let me know wink


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Jack0725Date: Thursday, 2014-07-03, 09:49 | Message # 2
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A good game, but I don't have money to buy it right now.
Ave Roma!

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