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Ghost Recon: Evolution
TheIceManDate: Monday, 2012-06-11, 10:49 | Message # 1
Group: NCO
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An addon mod for Ghost Recon which contains 19 new weapons with over 60 new kit selections and 6 new gametypes. Evolution features "No Tango's on Map" where you can sneak in silence and not worry about being spotted on the map but listen to whats around you more.

-New Menu's/GUI/Intro
-New gtf's
-HellFire (coop game play)
-HellFire Team (team game play)
-LzHell (coop game play)
-Evolution (team game play)
-Assassination by Major Player (team game play)**
-SeigeTk (team game play)
-LMSTK (team game play)
*all of above scripts have TK protection
-No Enemies are displayed on command map
-New Kit Restrictions (Evolution Weapons, Evolution Missions)
-New Spawn changes (xx- -xx server maps)
-New Mission including New Tank Weapon
-60+ New kits including 19 new modeled weapons
*Make sure it installs to your Ghost Recon\Mods folder


No Retreat No Surrender
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