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Starship Troopers
JackDate: Wednesday, 2012-08-08, 14:24 | Message # 1
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Inspired by the blockbuster movie, the war against the bug continues.
Hesperus, a planet perilously close to earth, has fallen prey to the bug menace.
Mankind has just become an endangered species.
Join the elite Marauders against hundreds of arachnid aliens.
In this time of utmost peril we need heroes - We Need YOU!

* This adrenaline-packed first person shooter pits you against warriors, plasmas and the famous tanker bug, arming you with everything from shotguns and grenades to the awesome missile launcher.

* This revolutionary SWARM engine places you in epic battles, fighting up to 300 bugs at once.

* 12 mission single player campaign plus LAN and online modes including deathmatch and co-op.

* Stunning combat environments ranging from wide open battlefields to claustrophobic bug hives.

1. Unpack the file with WinRAR or something
2. Click the Setup file, the setup is loading and installing the game
3. Open the Crack folder and paste the crack in the directory C:/Program Files/Empire Interactive/Strangelite/Starship Troopers
4.Start the game biggrin

download link : Game
Game Play video : GamePlay

LuisDate: Wednesday, 2012-08-08, 14:32 | Message # 2
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much faster

ShadowManuDate: Thursday, 2012-08-09, 04:11 | Message # 3
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I did love the RTS one of Starship Troopers... the FPS version is a little bullshit to me xD but maybe cooperative can be worth playing... I'll download it and check it later.

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