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Commandos 2: Men of Courage
SherlockDate: Saturday, 2012-08-18, 12:11 | Message # 1
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The direct approach isn't always the best approach--this concept lies at the heart of Commandos 2 just as it did with its predecessor, the innovative 1998 real-time tactical combat game that mixed elements of stealth, action, and even puzzle-solving in a World War II setting.

Who have never played a Commandos, that he must immediately make up smile

I think this game can be very good to play together in campaign on hardest difficult smile

I've tested this on hamachi and it's work it.

If someone is interested please write below smile
LuisDate: Saturday, 2012-08-18, 12:40 | Message # 2
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Seems preaty good mate. I will dl it wink

Added (18/08/2012, 12:40 PM)

That´s the link that I am dling wink

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