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RaptorDate: Monday, 2013-01-07, 13:42 | Message # 1
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I know it's not a team game. But Reiben suggested it in the shoutbox and I think Hunter also plays online.

I usually play Texas Holdem No Limit Full Ring with real money at fulltiltpoker.com (just 0.01/0.02$ Blinds, but without real money there are too many "rambos" who don't care for their chips and ruin every round).
And no, I didn't paid anything for it. I registered at http://www.pokerstrategy.com/home/ and they gave me 50$ to start. Not sure if they still offer this. But anyway the site has some nice articles, bonus-stuff and also software concerning poker.
(If you want to register at one of the sites above pls give me a heads-up before, there are some nice "Invite a Friend" boni wink )

If some of you want to play just for fun (without money), I would also give it a try smile

Hmm, for me the dollar sign $ looks (almost) like a normal S. Is it just my browser?

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9

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HunterCZDate: Monday, 2013-01-07, 13:58 | Message # 2
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As far as I know PokerStrategy still offers free 50$ if you pass the easy quiz. They might however ask for your personal details to avoid any abuse. Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars are two sites I would recommend.

If you heard any really bad news about FTP, it is now gone because FTP is owned by PokerStars now and was relaunched.

Hm, I was inactive in online poker for many months. Maybe it's time to continue my journey wink
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