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[Arma2] Today, 1630 UTC
BoooneDate: Sunday, 2014-07-20, 11:20 | Message # 1
Group: Lieutenant
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How about some Arma today?

I have no particular mission planned, but I would like to do something with attack helicopters. In particular some Russian choppers would be nice for a change, 3 additional pilots would be enough for a Ka-50 (one-man chopper) platoon or alternatively we could simply have a ground team with CAS.

Jack0725Date: Sunday, 2014-07-20, 11:55 | Message # 2
Group: Enlisted
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I have neither mood nor time to play something related with air. I would agree with Moscow File.

"Dunon eddi aidulegos
Treba ansra nu eddi onnas
Druco-critus me gabici
Rac senoxs auagomos
Aue, aue, inte noxtin"
LuisDate: Sunday, 2014-07-20, 12:04 | Message # 3
Group: NCO
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Chopper's ain't my thing either...

RaptorDate: Sunday, 2014-07-20, 13:18 | Message # 4
Group: Commander
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Hmm, I'm not sure how to handle the Russian choppers wihout a gunner. And not sure if I'll have time either.

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9
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