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By Raptor, on 2013-11-18

Training is basically an activity aimed at receiving new information (skills) and also at improving current skills and knowledge. Training is one of the most important thin ... Read more »

By Raptor, on 2013-10-25

Leadership is everywhere. Countries, states, companies, organizations, and so on all over the world are held together by a single, or a small group of leaders. Leadership w ... Read more »

By Raptor, on 2013-10-11

The image above shows a commo ... Read more »

By Raptor, on 2013-09-27

Throughout history military units used formations to maximize their fighting power in combat, and modern infantry is not an exception.
Fireteam formations serve the f ... Read more »

By Raptor, on 2013-09-13

The foundation for a successful operation is a proper briefing. The better your preparation is, the less surprises will you encounter during the deployment.
Mainly r ... Read more »

By Raptor, on 2013-08-30

Stacking means to regroup and prepare for entry at a door or an opening. The following text is based on an element consisting of 5 operators.

Normal/Default Stack: ... Read more »