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Tactical Spotlight: Room Clearing With 4 Operators

By Raptor, on 2023-02-05

(box-shaped room without obstacles, center fed)

RED: Fatal funnel (Doorway)
ORANGE: No-man’s-land

1st picture

  • Element is in stacking position prepared for entry.
  • Breaching Tools and Tacaids (e.g. a flashbang) are prepared as needed/ordered.

2nd picture

  • Pointman (#1) is the first to enter the room, he quickly decides to take the left side with a Button Hook: enter one step, immediate pivot and movement towards the hard corner on his chosen side.
  • Coverman (#2) enters behind #1 as fast as possible and takes the opposite side. He checks his hard corner first. This way both operators are covering each others back during the entry.
  • #3 takes the side of #1, supporting him. Generally this is done with a simple rule in mind: even with even, odd with odd. This allows fast support of the first two operators and the areas they can not cover are secured as well.
  • #4 takes the side of #2, supporting him.
  • All operators leave the fatal funnel (marked red) as fast as possible. The team must avoid to get stuck and become a static target during entry. Moreover a fast split makes it harder for threats to pick a target.

3rd picture

  • #1 and #3 proceed on the left side wall. #1 moves deeper into the room and stops at the far left corner. #3 stops at the hard left corner. #1 usually takes the longer route after entry.
  • #2 and #4 proceed on the right side, stopping at the hard right corner.
  • The operators follow the walls so the other operators have a clear line of fire on the far areas of the room. They report “right clear” respectively “left clear” as soon as they are sure that there is no threat in their Area of Responsibility.
  • #1 and #2 have the priority to shoot: #3 and #4 enter the room (a little bit) later and they might have a friendly operator in their line of fire.

4th picture

  • Final positions of the operators, covering the far right area of the room (No-man’s-land; marked orange).
  • In this state the team controls the whole room from dominating positions with intersecting arcs of fire on the No-man’s-land – the room is clear.

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