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[Swat4]SAS MOD v1.0
RaptorDate: Tuesday, 2012-06-05, 23:44 | Message # 31
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A thread to collect bugs of the Mod was started in the SAS forum: http://www.sasclan.org/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=10766

Post to improve the next version of the mod wink

And since the thread above is only for negative points I want to state here (again): I really love the new weapons, the new weapons effects and sounds and most of all the new AI. Nice job Keller and Francis, thank you guys wink

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DarkerDate: Sunday, 2012-06-24, 18:53 | Message # 32
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Im looking forward to see the new version.
AST Sas server is good. Please keep it smile

TheIceManDate: Sunday, 2012-06-24, 18:55 | Message # 33
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We are glad you like it : )

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LuisDate: Monday, 2012-06-25, 07:17 | Message # 34
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Would be nice if u could add the M4A1 SopMod ^^

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Uniqu3Date: Monday, 2012-06-25, 14:02 | Message # 35
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SWAT4 probably doesn't provide the ability to be that indepth with the weapon, they could model a SopMod supported-M4A1 but likely not dynamically allow the addition of attachments. Difficult to say, though.

I still want to see the H&K Mk23 in SAS Mod. That gun just kicks ass (.45 ACP FMJ rounds).
KablerVfmdbDate: Monday, 2012-06-25, 21:17 | Message # 36
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Hello guys, Im new to this forum .. how are you guys doing? smile