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[Arma2] Co+13 - SRS: Operation Phantom
RaptorDate: Monday, 2014-06-16, 23:09 | Message # 1
Group: Commander
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SRS: Operation Phantom

General Information


Date: Saturday, 2014-06-21
Tech-Check: 15:30-16:30 UTC
Leader's Meeting: 16:45 UTC
Event Start: 17:00 UTC
Expected Duration: 3-4 hours


Players with server access are welcome


Mission made by Tim

Requirements to Join

• Working audio equipment (microphone/speakers/headset)
• TeamSpeak 3 TFAR/ACRE plugin enabled and ready
• ArmA II configured and ready to play
• Required modifications (tutorial):


ArmA II: AST|Tactical Server Server (
TS3: Advanced Squad Tactics (



Type: Cooperative Plus
Scenario: An SRS team is tasked with securing an airfield to cut off a supply route used by insurgents.
Covert operation: Partially
Offensive/defensive: Offensive
Daytime: nigthtime
Newcomer friendly: no


About your unit
You are part of the Blackthorn Strategic Response Service SRS, kind of a mercenary special forces unit rentable for countries which don't have own special forces. You have access to up-to-date military equipment and vehicles, however your arsenal is not very huge. Every SRS member has basic CQC, weapon, medical, parachute and navigational skills. Furthermore every team-member is proficient in one special role e.g. demolitions expert, sniper (this means in particular that every team-member might be deployed in a general role like driver or rifleman when his special abilities are not required). Currently you are deployed in Lingor to support the local police as Swat team and counter terror unit.

Political situation
After years of political insecurity a new democratic government has been set up with support of the UN. Though Lingor might have a new government the radical opposition is only gaining strength. This radical opposition is militarising itself now that they lost the political battle. With a few attacks on government buildings over the last weeks, the local police is not able to cope with the thread. A military interference is too big of an operation with the new government just set up. The UN decided to send peacekeepers and the Blackthorn SRS to protect the new government.


List of Slots

#01 Team Leader Raptor
#02 Assistant Leader -
#03 Scout* Booone
#04 Medic Captain
#05 Assault Specialist -
#06 Assault Specialist (Lecter)
#07 Demolitions Specialist -
#08 Demolitions Specialist -
#09 Sniper Specialist Fluffy
#10 Sniper Specialist -
#11 Qualified Pilot (MH-6J, AH-6J) -

Note: depending on the leader, the team might use quite unconventional tactics.

#12 unknown co+ -
#13 unknown co+ -


Minimum amount of players required: 8.
JIP is possible in case of technical issues. No respawn.
Epi and morphine can be used by everyone, but no medkits are available.

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9
captainDate: Tuesday, 2014-06-17, 02:07 | Message # 2
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#4, 2, 7
SAS_FluffyDate: Tuesday, 2014-06-17, 03:43 | Message # 3
Group: Ally
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9, 3, 5
BoooneDate: Tuesday, 2014-06-17, 05:07 | Message # 4
Group: Lieutenant
Messages: 849
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Status: Offline

LuisDate: Tuesday, 2014-06-17, 10:57 | Message # 5
Group: NCO
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hey, hey Raptor I hate you for doing a mission with snipers while I'm away =P

Still on my exam's week, I won't be around.

LecterDate: Tuesday, 2014-06-17, 18:05 | Message # 6
Group: NCO
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6,7, 12 (not 100% sure if I can make it)

May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house

,,Not a single chainsaw was given that day...''

Message edited by Lecter - Tuesday, 2014-06-17, 18:06
its0Date: Wednesday, 2014-06-18, 05:44 | Message # 7
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Im still new to the game but if you do not find experienced players i can join smile
RaptorDate: Wednesday, 2014-06-18, 14:46 | Message # 8
Group: Commander
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Don't want to be rough, but I wrote "Newcomer friendly: no" in the description for a reason. Special Forces missions like this require some experience. We might operate in rather small teams where every man counts twice, using a lot of fancy equipment and tactics. You will probably have a lot of questions during the deployment, and no one might have time to answer them.

I'll have a look at you during the training Friday and think about whether there is an easy role that could fit for you. Btw if we don't get enough players, we'll do a simpler backup mission.

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9
RaptorDate: Friday, 2014-06-20, 14:54 | Message # 9
Group: Commander
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Unfortunately we won't have enough people for this, so we'll do a backup mission.

"Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at."
Murphy's Laws of Combat #9
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